Welcome to ACO Music and Art, an innovative, interactive, online school curriculum focusing on the relationship between music and art!  My name is Sharon Roffman; I’m a violinist from America and I created this curriculum and website for the ACO.

Begin on your own exploring Unit 1 Classroom Lesson: Introduction.  After Unit 1, each unit’s classroom lesson will be preceded by a live videoconferencing session with an ACO musician and followed by an art activity.  (If you can’t do a live videoconferencing session, all the lessons have been pre-recorded here!)

By the end of Year 1, students will have an intimate knowledge of composers and painters and their great works of music and art; they will create a portfolio of their own art works and compose a new piece of music.

Happy Listening!  Happy Observing!  Happy Exploring!   See you in cyberspace!  -Sharon

P.S. Educators, to learn how to use the site, start here!