Look at the following paintings. How does each painting make you feel?

Edvard Munch: The Scream
Norman Rockwell: Christmas Dance
Arnold Böcklin: Isle of the Dead
Pablo Picasso: Melancholy woman
Vincent van Gogh: A Man and Woman Seen from the Back
Georgia O’Keeffe: Music Pink and Blue
Jackson Pollock Number 1

Listen to the following pieces of music. What emotions does each piece evoke in you?   Does the music make you think of any moments in your own life when you felt a certain emotion? Try and remember a time when you felt happy, sad, scared, angry, proud, etc… Why did you feel that way? As you listen, see if you can match the feeling of each piece with an experience from your own life.

(The examples below are each one movement of longer works. A movement is like a chapter in a book. On average, most pieces have 3 or 4 movements. To continue listening, go to Spotify and listen to the whole piece!)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 39 K. 543 in E Flat Major (4th movement, Allegro)    (YouTube recording)

Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in D Minor, Op. 47 (4th movement, Allegro non troppo)  (YouTube recording)

Antonin Dvorak Piano Quartet in E flat, Op. 87 (2nd movement, Lento)  (YouTube recording)

Igor Stravinsky Rite of Spring (Dance of the Earth)  (YouTube recording)

Johannes Brahms Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98 (3rd movement, Allegro Giocoso)  (YouTube recording)

Franz Schubert Quintet for 2 violins, viola and 2 cellos (2nd movement, Adagio)  (YouTube recording)

Claude Debussy String Quartet for 2 violins, viola and cello (2nd movement)  (YouTube recording)

BONUS (More In Depth!)

Benjamin Britten wrote Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge as a tribute to his composition teacher, Frank Bridge. The piece begins with a melody (the theme) followed by 10 very different, short movements inspired by the theme (the variations).   The theme is based on a melody that Frank Bridge composed. Each variation represents a different part of his personality. Variation 1: his integrity, 2: his energy, 3: his charm, 4: his humor, 5: his tradition, 6: his enthusiasm, 7: his vitality, 8: his sympathy, 9: his reverence, 10: his compositional skill (this movement contains little snippets of music from Bridge’s other works. It is also a fugue!).

Benjamin Britten Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge Op 10  (YouTube recording)

Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge is a musical portrait of a person; here are some visual portraits by famous painters. How does the portrait portray the personality of each subject? What do you think each person was feeling or thinking when he or she was painted?

Leonardo da Vinci: The Mona Lisa
Johannes Vermeer: The Girl with a Pearl Earring
John Singer Sargent: Duke Marlborough Singer Sargent and Family
Leonardo da Vinci: Self Portrait
Frida Kahlo: Me and My Parrots
Vincent Van Gogh: Self Portrait