Remember The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi? The music was inspired by paintings of the four seasons by an artist named Marco Ricci, but in addition, either Vivaldi or a colleague of his (no one is quite sure which) wrote poems about the seasons that correspond with the music.

Four Seasons Sonnets


Here are some of the highlights of the correspondence between words and music – the words are actually written in the sheet music above these specific passages (very loosely translated here from Italian).

0:01    Springtime is here!
0:35    The birds celebrate their return with festive song
1:15    And murmuring streams are softly caressed by the breezes
3:30    Pleasant meadows, murmur of fronds and plants, goatherd sleeps next to dog.
6:02    Rustic bagpipes, nymphs and shepherds dance

10:25  Summer – harsh season burned by sun, languish, scorched
15:44  Weary limbs robbed of rest by fear of thunder and by furious swarm flies
17:52  Furious summer weather

21:00  Autumn celebrates with dance and song and good harvest
24:25  end their enjoyment by falling asleep
28:42  huntsmen come out at the crack of dawn
30:07  animal flees and they chase

32:05  Winter – shiver, frozen icy snow
32:38  Bitter blast of wind
33:08  Run stamping feet
34:21  Teeth chatter
35:22  Restful happy days at fireside with rain outside
37:00  Walk on ice with slow steps
37:30  Cautious for fear of falling
37:46  Go fast, slip and fall
38:38  Until ice cracks and opens up
39:29  Winds at war

Now it’s time for you to compose your own Four Seasons!