The picture that inspired this movement was supposedly of a large cart with big wheels, drawn by oxen.  An ox is another word for a large bull or cow.  Read more about ox drawn carts.  Here are some photos of of ox-drawn carts:

Read the poem the Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall.  (Here are some accompanying lesson ideas.)

Listen to/watch the movement Cattle (Also called Bydlo above).  What instruments do you see/hear playing the melody? Are they generally high sounding instruments or low sounding instruments? What tempo is the music? Does it feel easy and fleet or plodding and heavy? Do you hear the beat of the percussion? Is it steady or irregular?  Notice how the music builds up and recedes again like something coming from a distance, getting closer, passing and then getting farther away again.

Brainstorm your picture as you listen to the music.  What does the cart look like? How many wheels does it have? How many oxen are pulling it? Are the oxen skinny or fat? Do they have lots of muscle or can you see their ribs? What’s in the cart? Where is it going? What kind of road it is it on? Is the road grassy or sandy or muddy or concrete or something else? Is it uphill or downhill or winding around? Is it going towards something like a village or a house? Or is it in the middle of nowhere? Is there anything around? Trees, houses, people, animals? Is anyone driving the cart? What’s the weather like? Are the oxen energetic or are they tired?