The picture that inspired The Gnome was supposedly a sketch of a little gnome “clumsily running with crooked legs.”  What is a gnome?  If you’ve read Harry Potter, you may have already encountered a gnome.

Trolls are closely related to gnomes.  To get a feel for gnomes and trolls, read this story about Snidely the Bridge Troll.

Listen to/watch the movement The Gnome.  What is the tempo of the music?  Does the tempo change?  Does the music move continuously or are there stops and starts?  Listen for spots in the music that remind of you of someone running clumsily with crooked legs. Does the music make this gnome seem friendly or unfriendly, scary or nice? Or both? What instruments can you identify playing in the video?  Do you think the music is only describing the gnome or does it sound like there might be other characters interacting with the gnome?  If so, can you imagine who they might be and what their interaction might be like?

Brainstorm your picture as you listen to the music.  What does your gnome look like? Is he short, tall, fat, skinny?  What about his legs and arms?  What colour(s) is he?  What is the expression on his face?  Where is he?  What’s the environment around him?  Is he alone or does he have company?  If he has company, is he aware of his company?  Is he friendly, is he menacing?