The picture that inspired this movement was of a market in Limoges.  Limoges is a city in France and the market, especially in old times but even now, is a great meeting place where people come from the village and chat and buy all sorts of things from fruits and vegetables to clothes and other goods.  The market can be both outdoors or indoors and is generally a very busy, bustling place.  Where is Limoges?

Here is a video to give you a feel for a typical French market.

Listen to/watch the movement The Market at Limoges.  What instruments to you see and hear in the video? What is the tempo of the music? Is the music more in a high register or a low register? Are there a lot of instruments playing at once?  Does it sound busy or calm?  Can you imagine people talking to each other?  Weaving in and out of the crowd? Sellers shouting here and there about their products?  People arguing?  People laughing? Point out instances in the music that sound like some of the above.

Brainstorm your picture as you listen to the music.  Imagine the market. Are there a lot of people around? What kind of people? Sellers? Buyers? Are there stands of goods to sell? What kind of goods? Fruit? Vegetables? What kinds? Clothes? What’s the weather like? Are people talking to each other? Is there a lot of movement in the picture or is it calm? Are there a lot of different colours or just a few? Is your picture bright or dark? Is it complicated and busy and filled with lots of details or is it simple?  Is the perspective of your picture the whole market from above with a grand overview of everything happening, or just a part of it from within that focuses on a specific scene?