The picture that inspired this movement was of a “medieval castle before which a troubadour sings a song.”

A troubadour was a traveling musician from the middle ages who sang songs, sometimes about love, and often accompanied himself on a guitar-like instrument called a lute.  Read more. (you must sign in to watch the whole video)

Explore medieval castles:

Listen to some real troubadour songs:

Listen to/watch The Old Castle.  A troubadour often sang while accompanying himself with another instrument; in the orchestra several different instruments share the role of the singer, and the other instruments play the accompaniment and create the atmosphere of the castle. Listen and identify which instruments are “singing” the melody and which instruments are creating the background atmosphere.

Brainstorm your picture as you listen to the music.  Does the music make the castle seem like a happy place? A gloomy place? A bright place? A dark place?  Does the song the troubadour sings sound happy? Sad? Excited? Romantic?   Is the weather outside the castle sunny? Cloudy? Rainy? Are there any trees around? Grass? Water? Animals? People? Are there windows? Is it a quiet place? An active place?