The picture that inspired this movement was of “an avenue in the garden of the Tuileries, with a swarm of children and nurses.”  The Tuileries is a garden in the center of Paris.  It is near the Louvre museum.  There are trees and sculptures and open space where children play football, and a little pond where children sail boats.  In the summer time nowadays, there is an amusement park with a Ferris Wheel and other rides, but that didn’t yet exist when Hartmann drew his picture!

Here is a glimpse into the Tuilieries!

Listen to/watch the movement Tuileries and brainstorm for your picture.  Do you notice any of the special effects, articulations, dynamics (volume changes) you learned about in year 1?  (Pizzicato, bouncy bows, pianos and fortes perhaps?)  What instruments can you identify in the video?  Imagine children playing in a park. Is there a lot of energy? A lot of motion? Or is it calm and serene? Are the children running and playing or sitting in a circle? Is the music fast, slow, both? Does the music change moods at any point? How and when does it change moods?  What are the children playing?  Is it summer? Winter? What are they wearing? Are they getting along? What does the park look like? Is there grass? Water? Animals? Is the sky blue? Are there any grownups in the picture? What are they doing?  Are there any specific moments in the music that inspire you to imagine a conversation amongst the children, amongst the grownups, or between the children and the grownups?  What could they be talking about?